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Over the past few years, as the Smart City Experience (SCE) team worked on organizing SCE, they had the opportunity to connect with people, organizations and businesses around the world who wish to bring positive solutions to improve the quality of life of all the inhabitants of a city, a municipality or a village.


In 2022, EVI will be relaunched as a movement, a continuity of year-round experiences with the mission to build and connect a global ecosystem of actors working to plan the next phase of our urban evolution.

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The Smart City Experience is coming to the National Capital!

Join us to meet the City of Quebec's smart city ecosystem and contribute to concrete projects.
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The City of Montreal, winner of Infrastructure Canada's Smart City Challenge, is participating in the Smart City Experience.

Come discover a variety of projects and smart city experts !
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Expérience Ville Intelligente sera de retour en 2023


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